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Ida-Virumaa is a multifarious region which charms its visitors
with beautiful nature, interesting cultural traditions and a lot of exciting
sights to see. The province’s most beautiful sights are located
on the north coast: starting from the high Ontika cliff and ending
with the sand-beaches of Narva-Jõesuu, and in the south, the border of the
province is the Lake Peipsi, with the longest sand-beach in Estonia.
Ida-Virumaa is also well-known for its giant textile-producer: Kreenholm,
its oil shale mines, chemistry enterprises and power plants, as well as
the Kuremäe abbey for nuns, the Hermann stronghold (located on
the eastern border of Estonia) and the protean nature.

Ida-Virumaa is located in the sea- and land crossroads. Through the state
runs the Tallinn - St. Petersburg trade route and Via Hanseaticas
transit- and tourism corridor. The new Sillamäe harbour is supposed
to give the state a new “push“ forward and make it more suited
for transportation by sea.There are many old mansions and smaller castles,
in the region, which lately have been restored. Some of the known ones
of them are the Kalvi, the Mäetaguse and the Illuka mansions.
The state offers you a lot of different possibilities of how to spend
your spare time or holiday: fishing, camping, horse riding, canoeing
and many opportunities for wellness such as spas and saunas.
The state also has a lot of sports courts and gyms which are open to tourists.


•Kauksi hiking-trail
•Kotka hiking-trail
•Selisoo hiking-trail
•Kurtna hiking-trail
•Ontika hiking-trail
•Vaivara hiking-trail
•Toila-Martsa hiking-trail

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More interesting information about Estonia:

• Highest water capacity river – Narva river (400 m3 water/sec)
• Biggest lakes – Kurtna lakes (40 lakes for 30 km2)
• The deepest mine – Estonia mine (70 m)
• The highest chimney – Eesti Elektrijaam (250 m)
• The highest artificial hill – 173 m from the sea-surface
• The highest water-fall – 25 m high Valaste fall
• The highest cliff – Ontika cliff (56 m high)
• The longest beach – Peipsi beach (over 30 km)
• The longest sea-side beach – Narva-Jõesuu (7,5 km and continuous in Vaivara)
• The oldest monastery in Estonia – Kuremäe nunnary
•Ida-Virumaa is the north-easterly state in Estonia,
it is surrounded by Finnish bay from the nort, the river of Narva from east
and Lake Peipsi from south.
•South-west and west the countys borders go through forests and swamps,
separating the county from Jõgeva- and Lääne Virumaa.
The surface area of the state is 3 364,05 km2, which is 7,4% of the
the surface of the country. The center of the state is Jõhvi, which is located 165km from Tallinn.

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